Different Reasons Why Women Develop Infertility

A little-known fact about infertility is that it affects a considerable number of women. However, since some people consider this a taboo subject, not many people are aware of how prevalent the problem is. Infertility is a common sexual health issue because numerous reasons can cause it. Therefore, it is essential to know what the different triggers are so you can determine whether you would be at risk or not. So what are some of the various reasons why women develop infertility?


PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The condition comes about when your ovaries are secreting high levels of testosterone, which would end up significantly lowering your levels of the hormone FSH. Since FSH is responsible for stimulating the development of ovarian follicles, a decline in the levels of this hormone would decrease the number of eggs that you produce in any given month. Additionally, the eggs that would have been released by the follicles would then transform into cysts. As your ovulation cycle is impeded upon, your body gradually reduces the amount of progesterone that it releases while your oestrogen levels rise. As a result, women suffering from PCOS may experience symptoms such as a sharp increase in weight gain, the rapid growth of body hair, irregular menstrual cycles and more.


Endometriosis is a condition many people tend to confuse with painful period cramps. In reality, it is a severe medical condition that poses the risk of infertility in the women that are affected by it. Endometriosis develops when non-cancerous cells located on the uterine walls start to grow over the different parts of the uterus such as the ovaries. As the endometriosis progresses, your ovaries become unable to release eggs as the passages will be blocked by the non-cancerous cells. If the endometriosis is not medically treated, it can become severe and form scar tissue on various aspects of your sexual organs such as fallopian tubes, ovaries and your overall uterus lining. Some of the symptoms to be wary of that would indicate endometriosis include pain in your bowels, pain during sexual intercourse, pain when urinating as well as debilitating menstrual pain.

Damaged fallopian tubes

Your fallopian tubes are crucial for your overall sexual health as this is where fertilisation happens. If your fallopian tubes have become compromised, it is likely that the sperm and the egg will never come into contact, which leads to infertility. The most common reason why fallopian tubes would become damaged is through Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which would form scar tissue inside the fallopian tubes if left untreated.

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