Never Mind the Gap: Cosmetic Treatments for Spaces Between Teeth

A gap between the teeth is a dental features that divides people. Some who have a gap are perfectly happy with it, while others dislike it strongly and are desperate to change it.

The thing with having a gap between teeth is that it's normally at the front. That can make people very aware of its existence, and if you think it looks unattractive, it will make you self-conscious when you talk or smile.

If you have a gap that's really bothering you, the good news is that cosmetic dentistry can completely transform the look of your smile. In fact, there are several options for this particular issue, so you can work out which one might be best for you.


The traditional way to correct tooth alignment is by using orthodontic braces, and this method is still widely implemented today. Some people are worried about how visible orthodontics can be, but there are lots of modern developments that have led to some very well disguised braces that are practically invisible.

Braces do require a commitment in terms of time, but the end result will close the gap naturally by simply moving your teeth.


Tooth bonding is a very simple technique. By using a resin, a dentist can add extra material to teeth and close the gap between them. The resin is matched carefully to the natural colour of teeth, so it's unnoticeable. Although it's a very quick, easy treatment, it's not always suitable for use on its own, and some dentists may recommend a combination of bonding and orthodontics.


With crowns, the teeth being treated are filed down and permanently covered with prosthetic teeth. By doing this, a dentist can change the size, shape and appearance of teeth, filling in the space between them. It normally takes two or three dental appointments for the end result.


Ultra-thin porcelain tooth covers, veneers are sometimes compared to false fingernails. They cover your own teeth and are permanently bonded in place, and can be used to conceal small gaps. Before fitting veneers, a layer of enamel is shaved from the teeth, normally warranting two visits.


Some people are confused, thinking that bridges can be used for gaps. However, bridges are whole false teeth attached to other real teeth to replace any that are missing. As such, they can't be used to get rid of gaps between teeth, and are only used for teeth that have been lost.