Back in Agony? What Did You Do Wrong?

You may think that your body is a machine, as it is able to respond to your every command in almost any imaginable circumstance. Certainly, the human body does have incredible flexibility and functionality and will allow you to jump, twist, lift, bend or turn and even all at the same time. Occasionally, however, it will decide to complain, and this is your notification that you may have stepped over the limit. If you suddenly encounter some agonising lower back pain, what could this message mean?

Doing Things Properly

When you lift a heavy weight, you really should take into account the laws of physics and use your legs as a fulcrum to do so correctly. If you exhibit poor technique, then you can expect lower back strains and muscle sprains, especially if you are not used to lifting in normal circumstances. People forget to do this properly if they are tired or otherwise distracted and when they twist the lower body in a different direction to the upper, problems can arise.

Wrong Type of Fuel

Of course, the raw material that you feed your body could be part of the issue. Many people do not drink the correct amount of water on a daily basis and may eat too many junk foods. They may have a lot of unwanted "belly fat" which may look innocuous but can cause an imbalance and extra strain.

Too Much Inactivity

A sedentary life may be contributory as well. More people than ever are finding themselves behind a computer during their typical nine-to-five job, and they may be compressing some of the discs in their spine as they do so. If they get up suddenly and awkwardly, back pain can materialise.

Bull in a China Shop?

You may have realised that you were at risk due to this inactivity and have decided to start an exercise regimen at the gym. This is to be lauded, but did you take enough time to warm up correctly before jumping into those weights? If you do so, everything should be okay, but if not then you may have tweaked your back by putting too much strain on your muscles.

What to Do

Certainly, if you are in a lot of pain, you may not care too much how this happened but want to know what you can do about it. A chiropractor can typically put things right in most cases, so they will be your first port of call. Just remember to take it gingerly as you head in their direction.

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