Benefits of Optometrist Offices With Eyeglass Bundles

If you find that your current prescription eyeglasses are no longer working well for you, then you may be considering scheduling an optometrist appointment. If it has been a while since your last appointment, you may notice that there are many bundled options available. These bundled options include prescription eyeglasses with your optometrist visit for an all-inclusive price. If you aren't sure if this option would work for you, here are some benefits to using these types of bundles.

Backup Frames 

One of the leading benefits of seeing an optometrist that offers prescription bundles is the ability to have an additional set of frames. This backup set of frames can save a large amount of money in the future if you lose or break your primary set of glasses. You also give yourself the option of having a pair of glasses for work or school while having a second pair for reading at night or doing tasks around the house where your primary glasses may become damaged.


If you are paying for your appointment with the optometrist and your prescription eyewear, then a bundled option can be cost-effective. Keep in mind that most of the frames that are offered in these bundles are classic frame colours and options. The bundled frames usually include a lightweight lens option and are limited to single vision. If this is what you need, then the budget-friendly bundle may actually come in under your spending threshold for this type of appointment.

Insurance Requirements

The concern for many people scheduling an optometrist appointment is insurance. If your insurance coverage does not have vision insurance, then you may be concerned that you can't afford the visit or the prescription eyewear. The truth is, the bundled options are a way for you to afford what you need, get the eyewear you need and do it without the worry of insurance. Keep in mind that if you do have vision insurance, you may not be able to receive the same bundled price option. This is because your insurance may cover the appointment and not the frames and can't be combined with the bundle option offered by your optometrist. 

If these benefits sound like they would work for your situation contact your local optometrist office today. They can help you with their bundle options, current deals and scheduling an appointment. They can also answer questions about specific prescriptions and issues you may be having with your current eyesight.