Pregnancy And Crohn's Disease

Have a New In-the-Ear Hearing Aid? These Are the Daily Cleaning Tips You Need to Know!

Your new in-the-ear hearing aid is more than just another device: it's a sophisticated electronic tool that needs the right type of care if it's to function at its best. If you get a new hearing aid and wear it daily, never performing any basic maintenance, you'll greatly reduce its longevity. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about hearing aid failure if you just do a few simple maintenance tasks. Here's what you need to know to keep your hearing aid (and therefore, your hearing) functioning full force. Read More 

How a GP Can Help Someone With Memory Problems

If you are concerned about memory problems being experienced by a relative, you should take them to visit your local GP. Your GP can help your relative in many different ways. The following article will tell you everything you need to know. Diagnosis There are many possible reasons why your relative may have developed memory problems. Medication and the effects of ageing can all cause memory difficulties. That is why it is essential that a clinical assessment be carried out by a trained professional. Read More 

Organising Care for an Elderly Relative: 2 Things to Consider

If you need to arrange aged care for an elderly relative, the entire process can seem very complicated. However, by carefully thinking about a couple of points, you can guarantee that your loved one gets the care they need in their own home. Below is a guide to 2 things you should consider when looking for aged care. The level of care that your relative requires Not all elderly people are the same. Read More 

Tobacco and Its Effects on Vascular Health

Tobacco has presented a significant challenge to the public since the discovery of its harmful effects. Tobacco causes a number of problems such as: respiratory diseases, cancers and various negative effects on the cardiovascular system.  Smoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths in Australia. Often overlooked due to the more direct threat of respiratory diseases and lung cancer, smoking has considerably adverse effects on the body's' cardiovascular system and presents a very real and significant threat to the user. Read More 

2 Reasons Why Your Budding Ballerina Should Visit a Physiotherapy Clinic

If your son or daughter is a budding ballet dancer, you've likely heard and seen the benefits ballet can offer. From increasing strength and agility to developing concentration and rhythm, this style of dance can be great for a child's mind and body. However, when your child starts to reach more elite levels of dance, you'll start to see problems as well as benefits arising out of their training. That's why incorporating regular physiotherapist visits into your child's regime is so important. Read More